3 Ways To Make Someone Feel Appreciated

This Season of Love Make Some Feel Appreciated

Entering into the season of Love, make sure that the ones that you love feel appreciated! We’ve all had moments when someone showed us genuine appreciation. Their thankfulness not only made our day but also inspired us to be better. Nelson Mandela famously said, “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” In other words, small gestures of kindness towards others’ goes a long way. This is wealth energy! This Sunday Funday, spread your kindness and ensure that the people you love feel appreciated with these 4 simple strategies.

Ask Yourself Who Deserves To Feel Appreciated

As we go on through our busy lives, it’s important to pause and take a breath into gratitude. The people who we continuously meet along our path are oftentimes remarkable in all different ways. Because it is the season of Love, take out a piece of paper and create a list of people that are special in your life. Perhaps, you write down; parents, best friends, neighbors…Maybe your local coffee shop worker is always making your smile. Expand your list! Perhaps, there are many people in your life that deserve to feel appreciated especially this month. After creating your list, begin to think about what you appreciate about this person. Are they always suggesting great books to read? Do they always make you laugh? Are they filled with wisdom?

1. Be Specific With Your Gratitude

After creating your list of people that you appreciate. Feel into the specific reasons that they evoke joy in your heart. Next time you see them, be specific! Being specific is a key to understanding how to show appreciation. What, exactly, are you thankful for? What did the other person do? The more specific you are, the more genuine you’ll come across. For example, if your spouse picks up some extra chores around the house, don’t just say, “Thanks for cleaning.” Instead, take it even further and say something like, “Thank you for folding all that laundry! It had piled up, and you did a ton of work. I appreciate you.”

Another example would be the local coffee shop barista. Instead of saying, “Thanks have a great day.” Perhaps, next time you go to your local coffee shop you can share, “I feel so grateful you work here, your bright energy is contagious.” In other words, be specific when sharing your heartfelt thoughts!

2. Recognize Qualities You Appreciate

A sign of emotional and mental maturity is when we recognize the volume of work a person has invested in themselves to become confident or disciplined. Instead of simply thinking these thoughts, verbally applaud them for how far they’ve come! So often, we think a thought and then perhaps feel too insecure to share our hearts. This Sunday Funday, Amida encourages you to speak from your heart. When you encounter qualities you admire in others, make sure you let them know. Perhaps, your best friend hasn’t seen you in several months because she is working incredibly hard on her Master’s program. Reach out to her and let her know you are inspired by her discipline and hard work. Share your Love– expand your energy. This is wealth!

3. Show Through Gestures

Sometimes, a gesture can go a really long way in terms of showing someone how important they are to you. Thoughtful gifts are a fantastic way to make someone feel special, and you don’t need to break the bank for this one! By listening to what people say and making a note of important things (such as their favorite sweets or the fact that they recently lost their phone charger), you can surprise them with something they either really need or that will just cheer them up. For example, your partner always uses your pillow. Perhaps, you go online and order them a new pillow off Amazon. Maybe your best friend loves blueberries…next time you’re at a coffee shop together, bring a container of fresh blueberries to share! Perhaps, you have a friend that loves reading– send them a new book in the mail. Small gestures go a long way!

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering share your gratitude with everyone at the table. What do you appreciate about each person? Perhaps, you have an uncle that taught you how to tie your shows. Share your gratitude for this memory. Maybe your aunt, taught you how to make cookies – share your gratitude. Engage in a conversation about appreciation, and whom your family and friends appreciate in their lives. Have they told them? If so, how can they share their gratitude more? Remember that energy is expansive – be the change you wish to see!

Final Thoughts

This Sunday Funday, intentionally share your gratitude towards those who deserve to feel appreciated. This is especially important during the season of Love – we never know who could use a little more love in their lives, and perhaps you can be the reason that someone has a brighter day, week, and year. You never know the impact that you leave on another soul, especially when you share with them the goodness of their heart. Remember that Wealth is a mindset– share your wealth energy through your soulful love. Make someones’ day, and Let us know how it goes! We would love to hear about your soulful experience – Amida is one phone call and email away!



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