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This Season of Love Embrace Your Wealth Energy As a Family

This season of Love, we encourage you to embrace your wealth energy as a family! Good financial habits set us up for a lifetime of peace and success. Being intentional with how we spend, allocate, and save our money will ensure that we are working toward our goals, both short- and long-term. In other words, good financial habits, ultimately put us in complete control to make thoughtful decisions. Good financial habits are a form of self-love and represent our ability to manifest all that we desire in this life. Share your wealth wisdom with your whole family!

Talk About Money With Your Family

Talking about money and modeling good money management habits sets children up for a future of financial success. If you don’t have children, the same goes for your family members and close relationships. Be the change you wish to see. The more we can openly discuss financial matters, the less taboo the subject becomes. Entering into the season of Love, we encourage you to take on a wealthy mindset. Share your wealth wisdom with the younger generations. Perhaps, you recently started your own business. Engage in a conversation about the investments that you made to make your dreams a reality. Most importantly, share your financial wins and challenges.  The more children become exposed to the reality of what finances represent, the more confident and interested they become. Money after all, is a tool!

Set monthly meetings with the whole family and get everyone involved. What are their dreams, and what do they wish to create? Share your stories and open your heart. This Love season, break the financial taboo and instead create expansive wealth energy with the ones that you Love most.

Track Expenses as a Family

Tracking expenses is huge! It can be eye-opening when you see how much money you spend on certain things. For example, if someone in the family is purchasing a coffee from Starbucks everyday– consider openly discussing the money spent yearly. Do the calculations together – perhaps, turn this into a fun game. Track your expenses openly, and especially with no judgement. Simply, become present to the daily financial habits and what they represent. Perhaps, someone in the family wants a new car– where can they allocate their finances to make this purchase possible? Track things like; delivery food services, eating out, concerts etc. Calculate the yearly expense, and present a new perspective. Perhaps, without the food delivery services, coffee shops, and eating out that money could be used towards a new family car! Check out these awesome financial tracking apps that you can use as a family:

Did you open your family to a new wealth perspective? Let us know!

Share Your Wealth Energy With Family

At Amida Wealth our mission is to transform your vision of wealth and empower you to utilize your resources to thrive in your life and to enhance the lives of your loved ones. Amida’s elements of wealth are; health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth. In other words, wealth is not just about money. Remind your family that a wealthy life begins with a soulful life. Connect to the soul of your family! Perhaps, you can consider creating a piggy bank together that goes towards a charity you all believe in. What do you stand for? Climate change? Eduation for children?

You can always join Amida’s efforts to create carbon neutrality by donating to our One Tree Program, or come join us at our Tree Planting in April to celebrate Earth Day. Together, we can create a greener world for the future. In other words, embrace your wealth energy together & share the love!

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering engage in a conversation about wealth energy. Remind the people at the table that wealth is not just about money. Perhaps, people need to be reminded that a wealthy life begins with the elements of wealth in balance. Share this blog with the ones that you Love, and encourage the people you care about to discuss finances with their family. This doesn’t have to be a taboo subject, and it doesn’t have to feel like a heavy topic. Make it fun! How much money does someone spend on coffee everyday? Do the calculations together, and laugh about the opportunities that are now available to them when allocating their money differently. Share your wealth energy this season of Love!

Final Thoughts

Wealth energy does not need to be a taboo subject, especially with your loved ones. This season of Love, share your wealth wisdom with those who are important to you. Additionally, recognize that finances are a form of self-love and represent our ability to manifest all that we desire in this life. Money is a tool after all. Share this knowledge with your children. Above all, remember that Amida Wealth is always one phone call and email away!



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