Amida Lifestyle Magazine February 2023

Hopefully your year is off to a great start, but it’s only the beginning! This issue of American Lifestyle is here to help you make 2023 the best year yet with a home-organization challenge, budget-friendly ways to make your rooms look high-end, tips for cutting back on your spending, and two cozy dinner recipes.

Since February is the month of love, take some time to show your home a little TLC. Inside you’ll find a four-week home-improvement challenge that, once completed, will leave your living spaces organized and spotless.

If you’re looking to update your home decor, there are specific techniques interior designers use to make rooms look more elegant and timeless. This issue offers a closer look at six interior design secrets that can transform any space in your home and work with all budgets.

With the start of a new month, it’s a good idea to examine your spending habits and see where you could improve. Saving more each month doesn’t have to be complicated, so be sure to check out the enclosed guide with simple tips to help you take better control of your finances.

Winter often brings lower temperatures, making it the perfect time to cook warm, hearty meals. The two recipes in this issue, a Fennel and Onion Soup with Coppa Chips and a Spinach Pie, each makes for a perfect seasonal dinner for you and your loved ones.

Here’s to a wonderful February! As always, it’s a pleasure to send you this magazine.

Amida Lifestyle Magazine February 2023

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