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Continuing in the month of love and friendship, we want to share with you an important topic that seems to be commonplace amongst all relationships – a discomfort, a tension, around money talks. Perhaps, we simply need to re-frame our perspective. Is it possible to embrace our significant other more, perhaps especially when it comes to financial matters?

We all come into a relationship with financial beliefs and practices that differ from our partners. According to data from Fidelity Investments, 43 percent of Americans don’t know how much money their spouse makes, yet fighting about finances is a top predictor of divorce. A study at Kansas State University found that when new couples argue frequently about finances, they’re around 2.5 times more likely to be less satisfied later in their marriage. Additionally, according to the 2014 APA Stress in America survey, almost a third of adults with partners (31 percent) reported that money is a major source of conflict in their relationship. What these studies reveal to us, is that finances can be an emotional topic. This is because it is tied to almost every aspect of life. Perhaps, the more present we become to the energy of wealth – the more we will be able to expand our ability to comfortably discuss money in relationships.

Be Present To Your Money Story

Your money story is your personal belief and narrative about money. These form during childhood from all of the influences surrounding you. For example; the feeling of a stressful home environment every payday, all contribute to your story. Not everyone’s story is negative, but many of us have internalized negative beliefs about money. Understanding your money story is fundamental to understanding why you make certain financial decisions.

Here are six questions you can ask yourself to begin to uncover your own personal money story.

  • What was your earliest childhood memory of financial matters?
  • How did your parents discuss finances?
  • Do you have feelings of guilt when it comes to finances?
  • Do you think you deserve financial abundance?

Once you become present to your money story, you then have the power to shift your relationship with your finances. Likewise, when we recognize that our partner also has a story, we become present to their true essence. Why we so greatly appreciate this person in the first place. Perhaps, money can actually bring two people closer together!

Be More Honest About Finances

Be more honest about finances! Let’s say you want to start allocating your finances towards a business venture which might mean you want to eat out less. When your friends or partner invite you out for sushi, it’s easy to skirt the issue with an excuse like, “I’m busy that night.” Instead, try being honest about where you stand with your finances. Perhaps, you create a new beautiful ritual of home-cooked meals together. In other words, you are now expanding your wealth energy through health, connection, abundance, and honestly. Above all, you invite better financial habits and solutions when you break the money taboo.

Openly Discuss Your Money Dreams

Discussing finances sounds so serious, yet – it does not need to be a heavy topic. After all, money is just a tool and wealth is a mindset. Expand your wealth energy by openly discussing your dreams. Start by asking questions like; where do you see us/yourself in five, ten years? If you had a million dollars in your pocket today, what would you do with it? What does life truly look like for you/us in 10 years? Where do we live? How do we spend our weekends? Where are we working? How often do we vacation and where? Are we involved in charities? Jump into your fantasies together! Start noticing common goals and write those down. What excites you both about the future? Perhaps you can create a vision board together. Above all, recognize and appreciate you differences. Wealth is a mindset!

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering, embrace your money talks! Whether you are with your partner, family, or best friends. Engage in a conversation about what a money story is… perhaps, your family immigrated to America and shares a different perspective because of their life experience. Additionally, be open to hearing what money means to different people. Does the conversation feel tense, is it taboo? Ask about your friends and families dreams– what is their financial vision and what is stopping them from making their dreams a reality? Share your Amida Wealth!

Final Thoughts

The more present we become to the energy of wealth – the more we will be able to expand our ability to comfortably discuss money in relationships. In other words, we become present to the reasons why we feel the way that we do about money. Once we become present to our emotions, we gain more clarity over the decisions that we make in our lives. Money talks do not need to be a taboo – Perhaps, if there is financial tension in your relationships, uncovering your money story will actually bring you closer together. Remember that the energy of wealth is all around, and Amida Wealth is one phone call and email away!



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