3 Financial Tips From Our Founder

3 Financial Tips From Our Founder, Ana Ramos

Ana Ramos is the Founder & President of Amida Wealth Advisors. An innovator in wealth management, Ana applies advanced forms of financial planning with physical and mental wellbeing into a single entity called Amida Wealth. Ana often says that, “This Too Shall Pass”. Her methods have pioneered a new way of working in the financial industry– Ana represents the essence of wealth and harmony. She teaches her clients that wealth is a mindset, and an energy to be embodied. Perhaps, after working with Ana you discover that wealth has very little to do with money at all. Ana works with clients in her home city of Miami, Florida and across the United States. She has supported everyday clients, younger clients, business owners, and LA artists get back into harmony with their finances. She is an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor, with more than seventeen years in wealth management.

Making A Difference In The World With Our Founder

From a young age, Ana grasped the impact a single person can have in this world. She received this guidance from her parents who dedicate their lives to being in the service of others. Likewise, Ana began her career in industries that can improve people’s lives, from wellness to hospitality to banking. With each endeavor, she developed a strong belief that with financial success comes a responsibility to make a difference in the world.

A profound turning point in Ana’s life occurred when her younger brother developed a serious illness. She immediately left the corporate world to start her own business and put her beliefs into practice. This was the beginning of Amida Wealth. This small boutique advising firm, quickly became a pioneer in wealth management. Amida attracted in clients who realized it had more to offer than just financial services. Amida Wealth was beyond that. Ana shows her clients how to lead a richer and healthier lives through programs she developed. Her unique approach is unlike any other. Ana Ramos embodies wealth, and as a founder of the company she represents a perspective that is revolutionary.

Amida Wealth is continuously evolving. The mission of Amida Wealth is more relevant than ever, to transform your vision of wealth. Check out the 3 Financial Tips from our founder below, to gain a new perspective about your own wealth journey.

Know That This Too Shall Pass

Ana always references the phrase that “This Too Shall Pass.” What she means is that when we enter into financial situations whether they are good (a new opportunity, job, wedding, etc) or bad (debt, credit cards, car breaks down, etc) our physiology takes a jolt. We begin to build stress in our body, affecting everything from our health, relationships, to the way we see ourselves. During these situations, Ana believes that the most important part is to just take a breath and figure out what the emotional component to the situation is. She highly encourages all of her clients to understand what and why they are feeling the way that you do.

Ana often references the two aspects of Money – First, the science of it, we can call it IQ. Second, is the emotional component of it, what creates the most stress (positive, euphoric, negative), we call this the EQ of money. In sum, she reveals to all of her clients that once they become aware of these two aspects of money, they can figure out how to navigate both sides of money.

Money Is Energy

Ana believes that money is energy. As a result, she encourages all of her clients to practice gratitude. She says that “The gratitude we give to money, adds to our flow with it.” What does she mean by this? Well, in order for us to receive money or even a gift, someone has to do work. They get paid, and in turn, they give us money for something we did for them or as a gift. Either way, it is being given to us and we need to learn to accept it in gratitude. At the same time, when we give or pay for something, something physical or for a service, we should thank the money that is going out. Ana says that we should all “Wish that money is received with good intention.” As you continue to work with Amida Wealth, the flow of money becomes more apparent– this is what Ana refers to as the energy of Money.

Have A Vision

Ana tells all of her clients to have a vision. She recommends for everyone to create a plan, action on it, and then follow it up! She wishes she could give exact pointers but the truth is that each piece of advice varies based on personal goals, financial situations, timelines and the priority individuals give it. Ultimately, her biggest piece of advice for this is to work with someone who understands. Someone that can be by your side to guide you through it all. Someone that is also strategic in their approach. They can lead you, educate you, and if need be– hug you! Perhaps, someone to give you a little pat saying – what were you thinking! Remember that Amida Wealth is always by your side.

Ana’s Concrete Basic Money Guidance:

  1. Have a cash reserve.
  2. Protect your ability to earn an income, those you love (or owe money to), and yourself in your later years.
  3. Know where your money is going and allocate towards your today and future goals.
  4. Work smart from a tax perspective.
  5. Have a written estate plan that takes you under consideration but that also alleviates those you love in the event something happens. Don’t let them have to do the dirty work for you when you are no longer here.

But this is just the basics and something you can find in any financial book. The best Ana can do for you is merge the intellectual and the emotional part of money and help you create a strategy that is specially designed for you.

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering encourage a conversation about financial matters. Perhaps, finances are a topic that aren’t often discussed at your table. However, bring in the flow of money by sharing your perspective. Perhaps, after reading this blog you begin to understand that money is in fact a form of energy. In this way, it does not need to be a taboo topic. In fact, it can enhance your relationships and expand growth when navigated properly. Share this blog with those that you love! Remember that Amida is always one phone call and email away.

A Final Message From Ana

Amida Wealth and the values Ana shares with her clients are her gift to the world. Ana’s years in corporate America inspired her to question the status quo and re-imagine a new way of being. As the founder, Ana is re-creating what wealth management can truly become for her clients. It is her firm belief that wealth should be much more than investments and returns. True wealth can serve as the palm tree in an oasis… respite in life. Ana invites those who approach life with optimism and curiosity to join her. When you’re ready to explore the pulse of life and re-examine what commitment means to you, please connect with Amida Wealth – a place where wealth is being re-imagined every day.



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