Consumption & Happiness Paradox

Consumption & Happiness Paradox With Amida Wealth

The consumption and happiness paradox refers to the idea that although material possessions and wealth can increase our standard of living and provide us with certain comforts and conveniences, they don’t necessarily lead to greater happiness or life satisfaction. At Amida Wealth our fivefold elements of wealth are: health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth. This is because we know that money has very little to do with wealth. In fact, In order to truly live a wealthy life, our elements of wealth must all be in harmony.

This Sunday Funday, bring balance into your life with Amida. Call in the energy of wealth through reflection, and participate in activities that truly bring your soul to life!

The Paradox Of Consumption

On one hand, Increased consumption can provide individuals with material comfort, convenience, and entertainment, which can contribute to a sense of well-being. For example: Someone is able to share the luxury of fine dining with their friends and family, buy an expensive new mattress for better sleep, go on a spa vacation, and invest in a fancy dishwasher. On the other hand, the pursuit of material possessions and status may come at the cost of time, relationships, and experiences that contribute more significantly to long-term happiness and life satisfaction. For example, if someone spends their life chasing “luxury” things such as nice cars solely for the purpose of seeking happiness from these possessions – oftentimes, the soul becomes lost.

One explanation for this paradox is that material possessions and wealth provide only temporary boosts in happiness. We adapt quickly to new levels of wealth and material abundance, and our expectations and desires often increase as we acquire more. This phenomenon is known as the hedonic treadmill. As a result, we may feel happy and satisfied when we first acquire something new, but these feelings are often short-lived, and we soon start looking for the next thing to acquire.

Additionally, the pursuit of wealth and material possessions can also detract from other sources of happiness, such as spending time with loved ones, engaging in meaningful activities, and pursuing personal growth and development. People who place a high value on material possessions and wealth may neglect these other sources of happiness in pursuit of more money and possessions, leading to a less fulfilling and meaningful life.

Overall, while wealth and material possessions can provide certain benefits and comforts, they don’t necessarily lead to greater happiness or life satisfaction. Other factors, such as health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth must be in harmony for long-term happiness and fulfillment. This is true wealth.

Awareness is Key

Becoming aware of your consumption patterns is an essential first step in adopting a more mindful lifestyle. Here are 4 simple tips on how to increase your awareness over consumption:

  1. Keep a record: Start tracking what you consume by keeping a journal or a log. This includes food, clothing, house trinkets, electronics, and other items. Write things down and create a log for yourself in a journal, if you prefer to use an app – our clients love MINT.
  2. Become present to your consumption: Once you have a record of your consumption, identify patterns and areas where you can reduce consumption. For example, you may notice you buy too many clothes and don’t wear half of them!
  3. Avoid impulse buying: Try to avoid impulse buying by making a shopping list and sticking to it. If you are someone that purchases more items as a result of stress, go for a walk and breathe instead. Perhaps, take a bubble bath and fill your cup up with something that does not involve more materials (think: moments of peace instead).
  4. Consider the environmental impact: Before buying anything, consider the environmental impact of the product. Perhaps, you begin to support brands that are taking a more ethical approach that resonates with you. In this way, you will be supporting businesses that are aligned with your vision.

By being more aware of your consumption patterns and making small changes in your lifestyle, you can help establish a more present lifestyle for yourself. Above all, you create more space to allow wealth energy to flow. Rather than accumulating more stuff – release, and create space. Don’t forget to breathe! Be sure to check out our Amida blog about Decluttering.

Create Soulful Experiences

Soulful experiences are moments that feed our soul. They transform our lives, and shape our perspective. In other words, they inspire creativity and cultivate joy from within. These moments are intentional. An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be, live, and show up in the world. In other words, we must be present with our life and intentionally create beautiful moments.

Here are some soulful ideas to do instead of consuming:

  1. Connect with friends and family: Spend time with loved ones, catch up with old friends, and strengthen your relationships with those closest to you.
  2. Learn something new: Take a course, read a book, or teach yourself a new skill.
  3. Volunteer: Get involved in a cause you care about and give back to your community. You can always join Amida’s efforts to create carbon neutrality – please join us at our Tree Planting in April to celebrate Earth Day!
  4. Spend time in nature: Go for a hike, visit a park, or take a walk on the beach. Spending time in nature can help you feel grounded and connected to the world around you.
  5. Exercise: Take care of your physical health by going for a run, practicing yoga, or joining a fitness class.
  6. Practice mindfulness: Take a few moments to meditate, practice deep breathing, or simply be present in the moment.

Remember, the possibilities are endless! There are so many fulfilling and enriching activities you can do instead of consuming, and it’s up to you to find what works best for you.

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering engage in a conversation about consumption. Share your consumption habits, and engage in a deep conversation about happiness. What does happiness mean for your family and friends? How do they seek it out? Perhaps, you may want to ask what they used to do, and what they learned from things that didn’t work. Share this blog and expand your wealth energy! Remember, wealth is a mindset.

Finals Thoughts

At Amida Wealth our fivefold elements of wealth are: health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth. This is because we know that money has very little to do with wealth. This Sunday funday gain a greater perspective over your consumption habits. In other words, expand your wealth energy. Perhaps, you may want to consider de-cluttering your home. We love the tips found on Marie Kondo‘s website. Additionally, be sure to check out Amida’s blog about financial decluttering.

Remember to be in the present moment and breathe. Feel into the energy of expansive wealth. Perhaps, it is true that less is more. We would love to hear your thoughts! Amida is always one phone call and email away.



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