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Did you know? Disorganized spaces can actually negatively affect our productivity, mood, and sleep quality. Clutter can cause stress, depression, anxiety, and more. When you declutter, you are alleviating the disorganization in your room and in your mind. In return, you feel more balanced and stress is relieved. When we are organized, we feel more grounded and in control. This New Year, organize to improve your living space and your brain health.

Organize To Transform Your Energy

During these past two years, our lives have truly shifted. Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuary where we restore our souls. But, that dynamic has changed with the pandemic, and our homes are now multitasking for every aspect of our lives. Our homes have become our offices, schools, gyms, sanctuaries, and even our safe retreat from the world. This transformation means that it is more important than ever to have organizational systems in place to keep our homes flowing with the right form of energy. In other words, organization can transform our space and therefore our lives.

New Year Intention

This New Year is a great time to address organization and clutter. To organize, is a form of self-love. It is a way to clear any chaos and give way to clarity, focus and growth. In other words, we feel at peace when we stay organized. Here are some ideas we’ve found helpful along the way.

Intentional Spending Habits

Intentional spending is when you spend money with purpose. It’s when you’re deliberate and mindful in your purchasing decisions. This New Year 2023 Marie Kondo your finances. Marie Kondo, also known as Konmari, is a Japanese organizing consultant, author, and TV presenter. Kondo has written four books on organizing, which have collectively sold millions of copies around the world. One of Konmari’s coined term is that if an object doesn’t spark joy then let it go. In reflection to Konmari, discard spending habits that don’t spark joy!

Remember that money is energy. Our whole life is not just about accumulating it but guiding this energy into the areas that will help us to accomplish all of our goals and aspirations. Organize your spending habits, and discard the spending habits that no longer serve you. Perhaps, you feel instant relief when you make the acknowledgement. Organize your wealth!

Discover an easier way to organize and manage your finances

Utilize technology to organize your finances! There are all types of templates out there to help you track your expenses and how you allocate your resources each month. GetApp is a fantastic resource for applications that help the organization process. Just add your income and expenses to the app you select and let the spreadsheets do the rest of the math for you. Creating clarity around how we allocate (or budget) our money is the first step into truly managing our finances. Connect with an Amida advisor for more useful tips.

Save time, organize and protect your computer files

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your computer files and photos are backed up and accessible wherever you go and whenever you need them. Use things such as Google® or One Drive to synch everything between your computer, phone, tablet, and the cloud. This way, any changes you make through any one device will be synced with all the others.

If you use email, you should make sure that you make use of whatever encryption function your email provides. Even free emails like Gmail offer encryption. Encryption makes your email gibberish to anyone who intercepts it; use it as a matter of habit. If you do a lot of interacting with other parties online in your remote work, consider using a Virtual Private Network to protect yourself online. If you’re a small business, don’t consider it; do it. Being online can make us vulnerable to online predators. In other words, utilize protection so that you can enjoy the experience!

Organize and collect your aspirations

We have incredible educational resources at our fingertips. You can educate yourself on anything you desire all thanks to Youtube, and applications for course providers, like Teachable and Kajabi. Knowledge is at our fingertips! In other words, it is important we organize our findings. Some websites let you save recipes on the site; with others, you may want to create your own “cookbook” by savings recipes in a file on your own device. 

Additionally, you may want to utilize the notes section on your phone with this very simple strategy:

List out all of your favorite topics of research. For example, ‘Healthy Winter Recipes‘. Every time you find a recipe online that you want to create, you paste it into your notes. Additionally, you may want to create a list of courses you intend to invest your time into. Consolidate your findings and organize your passions! Perhaps you can look at different note-taking applications on your phone to help support you thrive in your passions!

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

Around your family and friends this holiday season, encourage the topic of organization. How do your family and friends organize their lives best? What works best for them? Perhaps you can share the different applications that help you with your finances and business strategy. Embrace the art of conversation, and continue to inspire those around you! Perhaps, you can share this article and we can all embrace the Amida way into 2023!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we are constantly surrounded by new information and things that can take our focus away. Focus on the things that matter most to you this upcoming New Year! Do this with intentional organization, and spending habits. Organize your technology, as well as your physical space. Do this, and get excited for the New Year 2023 to come! Remember that Amida is one phone call and email away. Be sure to read our next Sunday blog! We will provide you with a downloadable PDF Personal Info Organizer to help you gather all of your important financial, legal, medical, professional and other account information in one place.



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