The Power Of Perspective

Enhance Your Perspective This New Year 2023

What we see depends on what we look for. Psychologists call this selective perception. Selective perception is the tendency not to notice and more quickly forget stimuli that cause emotional discomfort and contradict our prior beliefs. Every individual has a set of filters- experience, culture, economic status, mental and physical health, etc. through which we see the world. Someone can be excited about technological growth, and another could see it as a burden for our future. As a result, our perspective on life impacts the choices we make for our future. The ability to reframe a situation is an important skill. Do you generally see problems or possibilities? When you look ahead into the New Year 2023, enhance and reframe your perspective with Amida!

The Goodness Report

The 2022 Goodness Report was created by Tom’s of Maine. This report released by Tom’s of Maine (the personal care brand we all know and love) illuminates how the brand is currently supporting the planet, people, and the health of both while publicly declaring inspiring goals for the future. The 2022 Goodness Report is a certified dose of optimism. In other words, your perspective shapes your reality. Are you able to see all of the opportunities around you? Perhaps, you can question which lens you choose to see the world through.

Your Perspective Shapes Your Thoughts, Decisions, & Actions

As we approach the end of the year, we tend to start to thinking about how the year went. Always remember it’s a matter of perspective. Things in life either happen to you or they happen for you. Perspective really does change everything. That doesn’t mean that everything is great and sunny all the time, but it does mean that everything can be accepted, dealt with, and overcome. In other words, can you see the lessons that life brings? If you haven’t achieved something you wanted, perhaps it’s right around the corner or will come to you in a different way. Trust the flow of your life. Enter into the new year with a fresh new, abundant, perspective. What do you want to create?

Take Action Steps Every Day

Remember that you have the power to shift your perspective. Try to choose at least one action to make a difference in your life every day. Here are some Amida suggestions:

  • Be a neutral observer. When a situation occurs, don’t immediately judge it. Take a deep breath and take yourself out of it. Try to see it from multiple angles.
  • Take an optimist viewpoint. Look for the opportunity in a seemingly “bad” situations.
  • Deliberately test out new ideas. Next time you are in a traffic jam, don’t fret about “wasted” time. Use it as a chance to meditate and breathe.
  • Look for people who will challenge you– seek out opposing viewpoints!

Perhaps you can try this 5 minute meditation to reset your perspective:

First, you sit down in a comfortable seated position.

Second, Take deep breathes in and out through the nose. Long and slow deep breathes (5 count).

Third, sink into gratitude and begin to list off (in your mind) everything you are grateful for. For example: the ocean, the smell of fresh cut grass, your family etc.

Fourth, continue to think of all the things you are grateful for, then pause. Instead of listing off anything, simply be with the feeling of gratitude. No words, just feeling. Use this meditation to reset your perspective.

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

The Holiday season is a time to reflect back on the previous year in gratitude. At your next family or friends gathering encourage the topic of perspective. In these last few years, what perspective have your family and friends taken on their lives? Perhaps, they spend more time at home. Work from home more often, and get to spend more time with the kids. Are they able to see their blessings? Are you able to shine a light on all of the blessings in their life? Perhaps, you can share The 2022 Goodness report and encourage a new perspective heading into the New Year 2023.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, It is always within our control to shift our perspective. In fact, we do it often without much consciousness at all. The small act of consciously choosing our perspective could make quite a difference in the overall quality of our lives. Be sure to read our next blog about organization. Perhaps, your new perspective may inspire you to get organized into the New Year with Amida!



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