Amida Lifestyle Magazine September 2022

When we begin to think of Fall, everything around us begins to feel warm. The season is synonymous with transformation, and September often brings about the start of these changes. For this month we are sharing with you ways to ease you into Autumn with a celebration of one of America’s most important national parks, some friendly fall activities for the family, recipes for crowd-pleasing appetizers, and our no-fuss decorating solutions that incorporate flowers.
Yellowstone has always been a magical and an integral part of North American history for centuries, and this year it is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a national park. To honor this milestone, inside you’ll find interesting geological and historical tidbits that make Yellowstone such a fascinating place to visit.  
Plan this season on visiting some of the wonders around you, perhaps a national park trip or a historical place near-by. You don’t have to venture far or allocate a lot of money to make fun memories with friends and family. Enclosed are some ideas for friendly fall activities to help you make the months ahead unforgettable.
American football is back! And if you’re planning on hosting guests to cheer on your favorite team to victory or just enjoy a good time with friends, you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of delicious snacks on hand. Here are a pair of recipes for inspiration. 
September is transition and what better way than with your home’s decor from summer to fall. Even those of us living in warmer climates, a small shift can help us get into the fall mood. A friend of mine and architect taught me that this task can be made easier by utilizing a focal point, and what could be better than sunflowers? These blooms have the best characteristics of both seasons and will look great with a variety of decor styles. They also represent hope and warmth. Here are a few suggestions on how you can put sunflowers to use in your home. 
Say hello to September and the exciting experiences that await! Allow yourself to transform as the seasons transform and, in the process, teach us that it is all part of nature’s flow. Here’s to an abundant new month! We are grateful to walk this journey with you.

Amida Lifestyle Magazine September 2022

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