Give And Get From The Earth

Feeding our bodies requires as much intention as knowing its source, preparing it and letting our bodies feel the goodness earth foods bring. We nourish our bodies so that our minds find clarity. When our bodies are healthy, and our thoughts are clear, we are able to approach money, life, and living a wealthy life from a different perspective. We don’t just eat because we are hungry but we eat to nourish our bodies. Earth foods contribute to the local environment and result in savings along the way. Earth foods are everywhere when you take the time and intention to discover them in your local community.

Support your local community through the CSA and Farmers Markets. Community-supported agriculture (CSA) or crop-sharing is a system that connects producers and consumers within the food system closer by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of certain farms from the earth. A farmers’ market is a physical retail marketplace intended to sell foods directly by farmers to consumers. CSA’s and Farmers Markets allow us to keep the money flowing locally. We help each other, and also many times reduce our expenses and increase our health.

Intentional Earth Love

Eat for strength, vitality, and health! Intentionally incorporate earth foods into your diet. As a result, discover a shift in your energy. Connect to the foods that you eat, and be more intentional. Discover where your food comes from, and make connections with local farmers. Witness the effort and strength that is required to maintain a farm. Discover the lifestyle that the farmers live, and give gratitude for their hard work. As a result, you will discover the abundance in your life. Breathe in the fresh air, experience your abundance, and see your perspective on living a wealthy like shift.

Earth Foods From A Local CSA & Farmers Market

Find a local CSA near you by clicking this link. Join your local CSA with a friend, and give and get from the earth together. Share your abundance, and experience the joy that comes from cooking with high vibration foods. Use google to research local Farmers Markets in your area. Intentionally set a date to support your local community. In turn, you are supporting your health in wealth!

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering encourage the topic of earth foods. How do your friends and family support their local community? Ask them about the foods that they eat, and where the foods come from. Share your experience from the Farmers Market, and CSA. Encourage your family and friends to nourish themselves with high vibrational foods. Plan a trip to a local farmers market, and expand your wealth energy together!

Final Thoughts

If you live in South Florida or perhaps up North, farmers markets and CSA all begin mid November and end around April. If you are fortunate to live on the west coast, you can find this almost all year long. Enjoy the earth foods when you can. Discover nourishment and abundance. As a result, witness your wealth energy expand. The more you nourish yourself, the more clarity you have in your decision making. You are nourished, and you feel love for yourself. The more love you radiate internally, the more you are able to radiate out into the world. In other words, you attract what you are. Give back to the earth, support your community, and nourish yourself! Above all, nourish your soul.



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