Amida Lifestyle Magazine June 2020

Welcome Summer! How our souls need your light and warmth. While the rules of Covid-19 are making vacations a tough proposition, I have some exciting opportunities for you to enjoy the month of June staying close to home. I have tips on how to tackle some home improvement projects and enjoy the warmer weather grilling outside with friends and loved ones.

With the ‘new norm’ meaning working from home, I am here to offer you plenty of ways you can reorganize your most valuable storage spaces. If your cupboards, closets, and garage are less than tidy, don’t fret! I have some easy ways to organize all of these “catchall” areas, including the pantry, attic, basement, and garage. I will have your spaces looking fresh and clean in no time.

If all this activity has given you an appetite then I’m here to offer you some mouth-watering ways to add a fresh sizzle to your burgers with these delicious recipes. One Greekstyle vegetarian and one made with lean turkey meat, that are sure to please every member of the family.

What goes better on a burger than the season’s best produce? My handy summer produce guide can help you pick what’s in season and also take a fun quiz to test your knowledge on where some of your favorite fruits and veggies actually come from. Up for even more challenges? How about thirty days of challenges? No matter what your interests are, I have a month’s calendar of exciting ideas for getting in shape and pushing you to get outside of your comfort zone.

Adjusting to change is never easy but learning to live in this new world can also open up a way for you to look at life differently and build better relationships. Now that summer is here, don’t you deserve a month full of what brings you the most joy? So, smile, breathe and get going. Summer does not wait!

Amida Lifestyle Magazine: June 2020

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