Living Your Vision Board

One of the aspects of being an advisor is that I get to learn and grow everyday as long as I am connected to the lesson behind. Early in my career, I came to realize that the special connections we build with our clients should be cherished and no matter the experience, know that there are always lessons to learn. 

One of the most impressive lessons I’ve learned throughout my career is the power of vision. We can help our clients create their vision and connect to it personally but unless we can provide the guidance for them to lead us into their vision to best understand their learning style, we will fail as leaders. 

One way to help transfer a client’s vision into communicative actuality is a vision board. A vision board is used to define our dreams and desires and be a source of inspiration and motivation as we allow the Universe to provide it to us. I love the essence and what it stands for. The power behind the vision board is implementing it. You need energy and inertia, trial and error, falls and lessons learned for that is what allows us to grow and ultimately get to living our dreams, our visions. 

There are all sorts of ways to create vision boards – from parties, to technology, to traditional cutting and pasting. What works for you depends on your learning style; it’s important to know how you learn so that you can create your best vision board. Regardless of what type of vision board you create, you also need to formulate a plan for living it each day. 

Living your vision board means taking time each day to connect to the dreams you want to accomplish, appreciate what you’ve done so far to get there, and evaluate what you still need to do. Adjust, align and celebrate the small accomplishments along the way. I look at a vision board like a financial plan; if it is not implemented, lived, and -adjusted along the way, it is just a book that will sit on a shelf, a program that will be on your computer, or a board that will be in the back of a closet. Challenge yourself, find your learning style and search for someone who will guide and hold you accountable to it. 

If you are just starting out and need help, we guide our clients into creating a day in their life 5 years from now, centered on where they want to be from a health, career, finances, relationship and personal growth perspective. We call these the 5 Pillars of Wealth. Start today, hold yourself accountable and be ready to grow! And we are always here to help.



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