Amida Lifestyle Magazine August 2023

August is finally here, which means this season of vacations and relaxation is soon to transition. However, the fun doesn’t stop there! This issue of Amida Lifestyle Magazine is packed with ideas to keep the good times going with a look at some of the best mountain destinations in the country, two delicious sandwich recipes, and so much more.

The warm weather makes summer a great time to get outside and explore all that Mother Nature has to offer. This season, consider taking a tour of America’s greatest mountain parks, including Acadia National Park and Valley of Fire State Park. The guide in this issue gives a closer look at five of these beautiful destinations across the nation.

August Unpacking

Vacations are all fun and games, until the reality of unpacking steps in. But you don’t have to dread this post-vacation organization process. Be sure to check out the tips inside that are sure to make unpacking and cleaning a breeze the Amida way. Remember, to enjoy every moment of the journey.

Frozen pops are a great way to beat the summer heat—they’re sweet, tasty, and endlessly refreshing. This issue offers a behind-the-scenes look at one Seattle-based frozen pops shop, Seattle Pops, along with what inspired cofounders Megan Janes and Suzie Barnes to open their shop doors.

There’s nothing better than quick, delicious meals that require minimal ingredients, especially in the lazy, late days of summer. Inside, you’ll find tasty recipes for a chicken fold wrap and a grilled pesto and mozzarella sandwich that are sure to delight everyone in your family.

Here’s to a fantastic end of summer! As always, it’s always a pleasure to walk this wealth path with you.

Amida Lifestyle Magazine August 2023

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