Green & Red Zone For Your Finances

Green & Red Zone For Your Finances With Amida Wealth

This month is all about Nurture, Love, and Care with Amida. This is especially true it when it comes nurturing our money mindset. With Mother’s Day right around the corner – Amida wants to remind you about intentional spending. A great way to reflect back on intentional spending, is through the Green and Red Zones taught by Coach Bill Cortright. We’ve taken Coach Bill Cortright’s Green & Red Zone analogy, and applied it to financial stability and risk for Amida. The Green Zone can be referred to as financial growth, and the Red Zone can be referred to as situations that are not aligned with our values, which actually elevate our levels of stress in unhealthy ways. The Green & Red Zone are states of mind, and a fantastic tool to use as we continue to expand throughout our wealth journey.

Coach Bill Cortright

Bill Cortright is a health and wellness expert who hosts a podcast called “The Stress Mastery Podcast”. The podcast focuses on various topics related to health and wellness, such as nutrition, fitness, and mental health. Cortright provides advice, tips, and strategies to help listeners live a healthier and happier life.

Cortright has over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, and he has worked with individuals, businesses, and organizations to promote healthy lifestyles. He has also written several books on health and wellness, including “The Stress Response Diet” and “The Cortright Wellness Program”. Through his podcast and other initiatives, Cortright aims to educate and inspire people to take charge of their health and well-being. Remember, wealth is not one thing – wealth is everything!

The Green Zone

The green zone is the expansion state, the base energy is courage. This energy is harmonious, loving, and intuitive. The green zone produces growth, and self care. It is nurturing to the mind, body, and soul. When you’re spending money with purpose, this is the green zone. The green zone is all about spending money that aligns with our values. For example: you want to start feeling more peaceful, and spending time in nature. Perhaps, a green zone spend would be the purchase of a new bike or a new book and picnic blanket. This green zone spend is expansive, and feels good! It is aligned with the core desire to spend more time in nature.

At Amida wealth we are very big on understanding your value system and the reason why behind that value system. Once we understand the why, we see how everything we do in life is either in-line (green zone) or out-out of line (red zone). Ask yourself: How does this purchase align with my values?

The Red Zone

The red zone is the restriction state, and the base energy is fear. When it comes to money, when we are spending without a purpose, this is called Red Zone spending. Oftentimes, this spending is done out of guilt which is the lowest form of energy. An example of red zone spending would be the paying for everyones’ dinner at fancy restaurants without the aligned finances in place. Red zone spending is based in lower feelings associated with the ego. Another example would be the feeling of “needing” to buy a gift for someone out of obligation rather than true desire.

Ask yourself: What is the guilty feeling associated with this purchase? How do I make it so it is aligned with my value system Instead?

Be present to how you feel and how you can create shifts to become more aligned with your value system. In doing-so we begin to establish muscle memory. One muscle memory is created, we begin to live a life that is effortlessly guided through our value system. We enter the green zone!

Green Zone Your 5 Pillars Of Wealth

Wealth is living in a state of prosperity and mindfulness. These are exemplified by Amida’s 5 Pillars of Wealth: Career, Personal Growth, Relationships, Finance, and Health. When the 5 elements of wealth are in harmony, wealth energy is present. As mentioned before, the green zone is a harmonious state. Here are 5 simple ways to Green Zone your 5 Pillars of Wealth this Mother’s Day:

Career: Are you looking to advance in your career? Invest in books and audiobooks that will expand your mind! Green zone!

Personal Growth: Are you interested in meditation? Perhaps, you purchase more incense for your home. Invest in a diffuser for aromatherapy, and a new meditation cushion. Green zone!

Relationships: Instead of feeling the obligation to buy a gift, make a delicious coffee at home for the mother figure in your life this Mother’s Day. Spend time, not money, on your relationship instead! Green zone!

Finance: When it comes to your finances, do you ever feel stuck? If this is the case, perhaps it would be a wise investment to hire a financial advisor. Feel expansive – green zone!

Health: If you are looking to become healthier, cook more at home instead of eating out! Perhaps, you purchase new knives and cutting boards. Show the universe you are investing in your health! Green zone.

Green Zone Meditation

A Green Zone financial meditation is a type of meditation that focuses on developing a positive and healthy relationship with money. It involves visualizing financial abundance and success while also letting go of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about money.

  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably without any interruptions.
  2. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body.
  3. Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful green meadow, surrounded by lush trees and flowers. The green color of the surroundings represents abundance and prosperity. This is the green zone.
  4. Think about your values, and begin to feel into your gratitude. Visualize the flow of money in your life. Where is it going?
  5. Let go of any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs you may have. Release any feelings of fear, anxiety, or lack.
  6. Affirm to yourself that you are worthy of financial success and abundance. Repeat positive affirmations such as “I attract abundance and prosperity.”
  7. Continue to embrace the flow, ensuring that it aligns with your highest values, and the highest good for all.
  8. When you feel ready, slowly bring your awareness back to your body and take a few deep breaths.

This Green Zone financial meditation can be a powerful tool to help you develop a positive relationship with money and attract more abundance into your life. Above all, it help you align your goals with your spending habits. Awareness is key!

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering, engage is a conversation about Green & Red Zone spending. Do your family and friends ever feel obligated to spend money, if so – why? Share this blog post to encourage those you love to expand their perspective. Sometimes, a gift of time is more valuable than a product purchased with guilt. Perhaps, you will encourage those around you to discover the power of spending on a much deeper level. Share the green zone, and embrace your wealth!

Finals Thoughts

Wealth is living in a state of prosperity and mindfulness. These are exemplified by Amida’s 5 Pillars of Wealth. When the 5 pillars of wealth are in harmony, we experience wealth energy and abundance! Remember, green zone spending is aligned with our values – it is not based in the ego, but rather in the heart. It is aligned with who we are what we want to create, and supports our mission in this life. On the other hand, red zone spending is base in the energies of fear and guilt. Perhaps, next time you make a purchase… pause and reflect. What zone are you in? Live in wealth and abundance, embrace Green Zone spending. Above all, remember that Amida is always one phone call and email away. Embrace Mother’s Day the Amida way!



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