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Mind & Melody Music For The Soul With Amida Wealth

Mind&Melody, Inc., founded in 2014, is a non-profit organization that implements interactive volunteer based music programs with educational and therapeutic benefits for individuals experiencing neurological impairments.

Located in South Florida, Mind & Melody offers music for connection in nursing homes, recreation centers, schools & more. Their team of talented musicians, shows up with instruments (ukulele, drums, shakers, guitar, keyboards etc.) for an hour-long interactive music session that consists of performances based around music theory concepts such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics, conducting and singing. These musical concepts are designed to engage the participants socially and cognitively. Music is the universal language, it speaks to all of us regardless of age, race or mental ability.

Eric, Program Director Of Mind & Melody

Amida spoke with Eric, the Program Director of Mind & Melody. Eric is a passionate musician that spends a lot of time with people who have Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Through his experiences over the years, he is a true witness for what it means to see the soul of music. Specifically, witnessing how music reaches people in ways that other things can not. He refers to this as music magic.

He shares that People In nursing homes with Alzeimhers and Dementia have trouble connecting with the world around them. They often struggle with communication and expression. Perhaps, their life feels rather grey. Yet, Music is something that always brings them back. He witnesses them have a voice again– singing songs and expressing themselves. Unconsciously, they reconnect back to the joy of being human. He powerfully exclaims that music is “The vein that we tap into.” Like a magician, it reaches people on another level. Music has the ability to improve our daily lives and to heal our hearts.

Mind & Melody was born out of passion to bring one of humanity’s greatest gifts: music, to older adults in our healthcare system while engaging young people in the process. This is the soul of music!

Music For The Soul With Mind & Melody

Back In 2020, Eric started singing with a Holocaust survivor named Rachel through a grant from the Jewish Federation. Rachel had Alzheimers and Dementia. They started on ZOOM when Covid was preventing people from interacting face to face. This was especially true for seniors, who were greatly impacted by the isolation. They sang on ZOOM video call twice a week for 2 years very consistently. Eric learned Yidish and Hebrew songs, and as the weeks progressed they developed an innocent friendship. Eric shared that it was so exciting to see Rachel mimic motions and gratefully cheer “Olay!” after the songs. She began to pick up Eric’s mannerisms, incorporating his Spanish verbage, like “excellente” after their sessions.

Their sessions became something exciting for Rachel, she looked forward to them every week. Her son would say she was singing Spanish words throughout her days. She was always humming a beautiful melody. The intentional use of music, transformed her final days of life.

The day before Rachel passed, Eric visited her in the hospital. She had tubes, wires, and a mask on her face. Rachel immediately recognized Eric and grabbed his hand. She tried to sing with him, and they both chuckled. Regardless of their differences, the intentional use of music formed a deep bond and connection. The soul of music was present in their connection.

Eric shared several beautiful stories with Amida, about the profound impact that music had on peoples’ lives throughout the years of Mind & Melody. His stories deeply connected to the essence of Amida, and the beautiful kindness of humanity. If you are interested in learning more about Mind & Melody, and connecting with Eric and the team, please click this link. Tell them Amida sent you!

Amida’s Earth Month Tips: Music For Mother Earth

In honor of Earth Month, Amida would like to share 4 simple ways that you can connect to Mother Earth through the soul of music.

  • First, listen to music that is directly inspired by nature. Many composers and musicians have created works that capture the essence of the Earth. There are also contemporary artists who create music that incorporates natural sounds– bird sounds, ocean waves, and rain which all evoke a sense of being in nature.
  • Second, Take your musical instruments or voice to a natural setting. Go to your local park, beach, forest, or backyard. Play your music in nature, or simply just sing and hum and song. Allow the sounds of nature to blend with your music. Allow nature to inspire your melody!
  • Lastly, practice mindful listening. When you listen to music, do so mindfully, allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment. As you listen, imagine yourself being enveloped by the sounds and vibrations. Let music transport you to a state of heightened awareness and connection with the natural world. Can you feel your abundance?

The key to connecting with Mother Earth through music is to approach it with an open heart, a deep sense of reverence, and a willingness to be present and attuned to the beauty and wonder of the natural world. In other words, allow music to be a conduit for your connection with the Earth. Let it inspire you to cultivate a deeper relationship with nature in your daily life. This is the soul of music!

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering, share the soul of music! Put on a playlist that brings your heart joy. Perhaps, take out an instrument and share music magic with those you love. Start to dance and sing, expand your energy together and feel the joy that good rhythm brings. Share this blog, and encourage those around you to become more present to the simple joys in life. Music is connection, embrace it and share the Amida love!

Finals Thoughts

Music is the universal language, it speaks to all of us regardless of age, race or mental ability. As shown through Mind & Melody, music is a powerful healing tool. It has the ability to elevate mood and promote positive emotions. Additionally, it brings people together and fosters social connection.

By being able to tap into the soul of music, we are able to tap into the soul of life and the flow of life. Once we can tap into that, we can begin to align what our goals in life are, to fulfill our purpose. Once we are able to line up our goals in life, we can create a path to getting there. This path includes the financial aspect of it all. This is what helps us to accomplish things. Through this discovery, we find harmony and flow.

At Amida Wealth, we know that everything has a flow. This is especially true for a financial plan. We are experts in helping you navigate through the different stages of life, and all of the different financial situations that occur. Everyone has their own flow, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Remember, Amida is always one phone call away!



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