Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Amida Wealth

According to Dr. Abigail Brenner, a San Francisco-based psychiatrist, a comfort zone “is a psychological/emotional/behavior construct that defines the routine of our daily life” that “implies familiarity, safety, and security.” In other words, it’s the space where people feel most comfortable, and where they know what to expect. For example, someone with a beautiful voice fears singing in-front of a large audience. In another example, an individual may go on the same vacation every summer without seeing the magic of somewhere new.

While there is beauty in routine, there is always harmony to be found when routine becomes monotonous and perhaps a bit too comfortable. Sometimes staying within one’s comfort zone for too long can limit personal growth as it prevents a person from taking risks and experiencing new things. Remember, wealth energy is expansive and abundant. When we limit ourselves to only what we know, we often also limit the abundance we welcome into our lives. This Sunday Funday step out of your comfort zone with Amida Wealth and embrace the unknown. Wealth is a mindset!

What Does It Mean To Step Out Of A Comfort Zone?

So what does it mean to step out of a comfort zone? To step out of a comfort zone means to intentionally push beyond the boundaries of what feels familiar, safe, and easy. It means taking risks, trying new things, and embracing uncertainty and discomfort. Oftentimes, when individuals step out of their comfort zone they experience personal and professional growth, increased confidence, and are provided with new opportunities. By stepping out of a comfort zone, individuals show the universe they are willing to experience new things. The energy around them becomes expansive and their abundance grows. This is wealth energy!

Perhaps, the idea of stepping into discomfort may feel daunting – it doesn’t have to be. Wendy Baraba Moree says so beautifully that, “Fear and excitement are almost the same emotion; the moment fear turns into excitement you will be able to achieve great things.” In other words, have fun with it!

5 Simple Strategies To Embrace Discomfort

Amida put together a list of 5 simple strategies to utilize this Sunday Funday to embrace discomfort with ease, excitement, and joy for what the future brings.

  1. Drive a new route today: Step out of your normal routine, and allow yourself to see things from a different perspective. Take a new route to work, walk your dog on a new path. Above all, allow for change in your life.
  2. Try a new hobby or skill: Take up a new activity that you’ve always been interested in but never tried before. It could be anything from painting to rock climbing, learning to play the guitar, or learning a new language.
  3. Embrace Physical Fitness: Oftentimes, we do not recognize what we are truly capable of. Step into the unknown and surprise yourself. Try weightlifting, HITT, Hot yoga, Jiu Jitsu, hire a fitness coach, and sign up for a fitness class you’ve never done before. The very popular Nike slogan, “Just Do It!” fits perfectly here.
  4. Travel to a new place: Perhaps there is a local beach or town you haven’t explored. Drive a new route, and make this trip happen. Explore new coffee shops, and honor the expansive energy you have created for yourself.
  5. Meet new people: Attend a networking event, join a club or organization, or volunteer in your community. If you’re in the Florida area– check out these local Florida volunteer opportunities. Perhaps, you can join Amida for our annual tree planting!

To be flexible and adaptable requires constant effort and experience. Life changes, finances change, circumstances change. Our ability to shift and to adapt are the keys to experiencing and living a life of wealth! Step out of your comfort zone to get familiar with discomfort. Let us know how it goes!

Book Recommendations

Amida has put together a list of 2 inspiring books that will surely encourage you to expand. Check out these awesome reads:

In The Comfort Crises By award-winning journalist Michael Easter, Easter explores the evolutionary mind and body benefits of living at the edges of our comfort zone. In his book, he argues that we are a society that is more comfortable than ever before–sheltered, temperature-controlled, and under-challenged. He asks the question, Could this actually be the leading cause of many our most urgent physical and mental health issues? In his gripping investigation, Easter seeks out off-the-grid visionaries, disruptive genius researchers, and mind-body conditioning trailblazers who are unlocking the life-enhancing secrets of a counterintuitive solution: discomfort.

In The Comfort Zone: Create a Life You Really Love with Less Stress and More Flow by Kristen Butler. Butler argues that our comfort zone is NOT the danger zone! This paradigm-shifting guide shows you how to harness the power of joy, creativity, and ease to create the foundation for building your best life.Get ready to forget everything you’ve ever been told about the “comfort zone.” It’s not a place where you sit complacently because you can’t be bothered to take action. It’s not a barrier blocking you from the life of your dreams. Instead, it’s the truest source of growth, possibility, and joy—and it’s within your reach with help from an expert guide.

Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to share the story of Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is an American comedian, actress, and talk show host who has used her platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Ellen came out as lesbian in 1997, when this was still considered controversial in Hollywood. She fully stepped into the discomfort.

Many people applauded Ellen for her bravery and for being a role model for the LGBTQ+ community. However, there were also negative reactions from some individuals and organizations who opposed her beliefs. In the aftermath of her coming out, Ellen faced backlash from some advertisers, and her sitcom “Ellen” was canceled after one more season! However, Ellen continued to work in the entertainment industry and eventually found success with her own daytime talk show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which premiered in 2003 and is still on the air today. She has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has used her platform to promote equality and acceptance. Ellen’s ability to step out of her comfort zone and go public with her personal life has been a huge catalyst for growth in the industry.

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering share this blog! Encourage your family and friends to drive a new route, embrace a new hobby, and travel to a new destination. Share a new perspective about discomfort – how it is in-fact just like excitement. You never know where a new path may lead. Share your wealth energy with the ones that you love! Step out of the comfort zone together.

Final Thoughts

When we step out of our comfort zone, we enhance our personal and professional development, increase confidence, and expand our perspective on life. Allow in more abundance and wealth energy, through the power of expansion. Expand your Sunday with a new experience. Remember, Amida is always one phone call and email away!



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