The Value Of Community

The Value of Community With Amida Wealth

Community can be described in physical and emotional terms. Physically, it can be a shared space or a group of people that share some common denominator. Emotionally, it is described as a sense of fellowship or similarity with others. Ultimately, there is an overarching theme of togetherness that transcends the different definitions of the word. Dr. Kirsten Thompson, Psychiatrist and Founder of Remedy Psychiatry states that, “As a social species, we all need community. For those who already have it, it’s a critical part of maintaining mental health. For those who don’t, seeking out community – whether it’s through an online community, neighbors, old friends, work colleagues, or even getting a therapist, can dramatically improve someone’s quality of life.” This Sunday engage in your local community to experience the benefits it provides!

Community For Our Health

At Amida Wealth our fivefold elements of wealth are: health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth. Community impacts our health! First, it provides belonging and a sense of acceptance and identity. Secondly, it provides security. Thirdly, community provides support. Strong support systems have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression and improve coping mechanisms. As a result, you become a more grounded and peaceful person. In other words, your wealth energy expands! Wealth is a mindset. The more open you become, the more abundance you allow. This starts with trust, respect, and appreciation for the people you surround yourself with. Immerse yourself into community – do it for your health!

How to Find Your Community

We have all experienced the feeling of togetherness in one form or another. Maybe you played sports in high school, spent time in a local gym, became a regular at a local coffee shop, or became connected with a virtual group. There are several different approaches you can take when building a community or fostering your own sense of togetherness. First, begin my exploring your interests.

Involve yourself in activities that you love to do, and surround yourself with people whom appreciate those same activities. In other words, embrace your passions! If you like reading, join a book club. Perhaps join a local sports team if you like athleticism. Get involved in a local yoga studio, join a pottery studio, dance studio, and more! Engage in, or with, activities and people that mean something to you. In other words, experience your wealth abundance.

Give Back With Amida Wealth

At Amida Wealth we try to live a balanced life. Work, play, family and health are important aspects of our daily lives and striking a balance between them creates well-being. Giving back is a natural part of this process. It allows us to be socially responsible and in turn we all benefit. In other words, At Amida Wealth helping the local and global community gives our team a sense of purpose.

Here are some ways you can get involved: First, our founder, Ana Ramos is honored to serve on the Board of Directors of Ride2Revive, a non-profit created to help children with life-threatening illnesses. Join us at their annual event, Ride2Revive, or become a sponsor! Secondly, each year on the first Saturday of Spring we plant trees for every new client that has joined the Amida family. We invite everyone as a group from Florida, New York and California to come and join us on this wonderful occasion! Be part of a growing community with a growth mindset. We hope to see you there!

Community Events With Amida Wealth

Amida Wealth philosophy is to go beyond the normal role of a wealth manager. At certain times of the year we like to interrupt our daily schedule to celebrate. To take the opportunity to show clients how valuable they are to Amida Wealth. We do this by planning unique events in the community where we live and where we work with our clients. Visit the events page on our website to see all of our upcoming events such as our; Amida beach clean-up day, Annual Amida brunch, Amida Tree planting Day, and Amida picnic. 

Amida Wealth Family Conversation

At your next family or friends gathering encourage the topic of community. Do your family and friends embrace their local community? How do they connect with others’ who have similar interests? Perhaps, what their interests are, while also encouraging them to involve themselves in local group that could help enhance their skills. Perhaps your aunt loves to bake, and could connect with local bakery in the area and sell her delicious Christmas cookies! Community is there to support us. In other words, we are always there for each other. Perhaps bring your family and friends to an Amida event – allow us to support each other and expand our wealth to others!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, community enhances our physical and emotional well-being. Community and relationships give us a sense of belonging, support, purpose, and guidance! Support systems allow us to thrive, and they additionally support our growth and hold us accountable. They allow us to expand our wealth energy – and become more open to experiences. Remember that at Amida Wealth, we are just one phone call and email away!



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