3 Festive Fall Activities

Festive Fall Activities With Amida Wealth

Fall in Florida generally mimics early autumn conditions in other parts of the U.S. — a bit cooler, clearer and drier but still nicely warm. As the seasons change, we encourage you to embrace the energy of the seasons. In other words, get involved with festive activities that will leave you with lasting memories! Sometimes it’s nice to develop relationships and do things with others’, sometimes it’s good to spend time with ourselves. This is why relationships are one of Amida’s fivefold elements of wealth! This Sunday funday gather your friends together, and choose between these 3 activities that will surely leave you in delight about the different seasons.

Embrace Fall With A Visit To The Pumpkin Patch

Visit a local pumpkin patch near you, and have fun with it! How often do you get this experience? In other words, take fun photos and embrace the present moment. Fully experience fall in all of it’s glory! Perhaps afterwards, you can all gather together for pumpkin carving. Become aware of all the abundance in your life – laughter, joy, bliss. Create lasting memories and expand your energy! Use this link to discover local pumpkin patches near you in Florida.

Pick Fresh Fall Oranges or Apples

Depending on where you are in the country, go apple or orange picking. Florida does not have the typical fall apple picking that is commonly known in the east coast so go orange picking instead! Embrace the fall season by appreciating the beautiful nature that arises from it. Gather friends, pick oranges or apples, and then create delicious home-made juice together. Surely, the taste of fresh-picked fruits are always worthy of your time. Embrace nature, friendship, and the delicious energy that sweet nature candy provides! Most importantly, create lasting memories.

Embrace A Cozy Hygge Sunday

Hygge,” a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Hygge is the feeling of coziness and contempt evoked by simple pleasures. Embrace the fall by creating a memorable Hygge evening with friends. You can sit by a roaring fire, watch a fun halloween movie, set up a board game night, or make a homemade pumpkin soup together. Amida Wealth is all about expanding your energy – wealth is a mindset, and remember your energy is expansive! What incredible cozy evening with friends can you create? Let us know!

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering encourage the topic of the seasons. How do your friends and family feel when the seasons change? How do they handle change? Do they embrace the seasons? Which seasons gives them the most beautiful memories, and most importantly, can they create more? Share this blog with the ones that you love, and encourage them to join you in your adventures! Life is like a movie, and the more beautiful moments we experience and embrace, the more remarkable our lives become!

Final Thoughts

At Amida Wealth our fivefold elements of wealth are: health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth. When we expand on all fivefold elements of wealth, we become more abundant in our lives. Whether you are currently living in Florida, or our friend from out of state. We encourage you to experience all the bliss that every season provides. In this state of presence, you will experience more memories and joy in the simple things. In other words, you will align with the beauty of nature and share your expansive energy with every person on your path.



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