Working Towards Your Legacy

Your legacy is every life you’ve touched. Every person who you inspired. Who you’ve helped or mentored or taught, and who has been moved by your journey and behaviors in this life. Estate planning is one aspect of working towards your legacy. It is a seamless process of energy exchange that provides mentorship and integrity. In addition to Estate Planning, Amida Wealth encourages you to enhance your legacy through kindness in everyday life. All in all, this Sunday funday incorporate these 6 methods of legacy building into your routine in order to enhance the inspiration you leave for every individual you meet.

Work Towards Your Legacy In These 6 Ways:

  • Coordinate a day with friends to volunteer or donate to a local charity. In other words, donate food cans, clothes, anything that no longer serves you which can greatly enhance someone else’s life.
  • Next time you’re in line for a coffee, buy the stranger behind you a coffee. Witness the joy that this brings for everyone who is a witness. All in all, share kindness and love with strangers through the little gestures in life.
  • Plant trees for the future. This is a metaphor for your legacy. Plan a day with friends to find a tree planting committee near you, or just create one on a fun Sunday with friends. Plant a tree, and set your intentions about what this tree represents for your future and your family.
  • Thank someone you appreciate. Send a letter to friend in the mail. Surprise someone with this small act of kindness. You never know when a small act like this could make someones’ day, week, or year. In other words, share your appreciation for the incredible people in your life.
  • Take someone out for lunch and expand your wealth energy. Remember that wealth is a mindset. Small acts of kindness encourage others to follow your lead. They encourage generosity, and an expansion of energy. Plan a Sunday lunch with a friend, and set your intention to pay for this meal. Witness gratitude and the seeds that your legacy will leave behind.
  • At Amida Wealth We plant trees for clients each year, in addition to coordinating a beach clean up event. This is a large part of the culture we stand for. We encourage you to join us for the next one! Help us make a difference. You can sign up here: Events calendar

Amida Wealth Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering, encourage the topic of legacy building. Have your family and friends thought about the legacy they will leave behind? How do they treat people? Are there any things they wish they did differently? Encourage the topic of self-discovery and thoughtful conversation. Inspire others to share, and become more generous. This involves generosity with things as well as thoughts and ideas. We are all in this together! Wealth is a mindset – and your light and legacy will inspire others to build their own legacy. Share Amida Wealth, and encourage those you love to work towards their legacy by starting with the little things in life.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, at Amida Wealth we believe in growth which is why we want to leave an impact in the present. The decisions you make today, impact tomorrow. In other words, remember to always think about the legacy you want to leave behind. Plant seeds for your future, and create a life of abundance and love. Inspire others with your generosity, and encourage those around you to recognize the impact they too can leave behind. When you begin to create these give-back memories, we encourage you to send us details about your experience so we can feature you on our page! We are here to support your journey, one phone call or email away.



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