Building Healthy and Wealthy Behaviors

Healthy Behaviors with Amida Wealth

Health greatly impacts the mind, body & soul. This is why it is one of Amida’s first pillars. When we live healthy lives, our perspectives are different, we feel different, we process different, we are willing to try things because we come from a perspective of gratitude. Most Americans know the fundamentals of good health: exercise, proper diet, sufficient sleep, regular check-ups, and no smoking or excessive alcohol. Yet, despite this knowledge, changing existing behaviors can be difficult. Start small and think big with Amida Vibes.

3 Ways To Build Healthy And Wealthy Behaviors

Set measurable goals and behaviors. Goals must be specific, measurable, realistic and time-related. In other words, “I am going to exercise more” is not enough. You need to set a more defined goal such as, “I am going to walk 30 minutes a day, five days a week.” As a result, you will hold yourself accountable. Your intentional goals will result in more confidence, accomplishment, and abundance.

1. Nourish Yourself At Home

Almost anything you cook from scratch will cost less and be healthier than processed, canned, or frozen versions of the same food. In fact, it will be better than most restaurant food. In other words, you greatly benefit by cooking your meals at home. Have fun with it and plan your meals ahead of time. Create a grocery list and tell yourself that you are going to cook for yourself every week-day night. Get creative, and explore fun recipes online. As a result, you will save money and create nourishing meals that optimize your life and wellbeing. Check out our Amida Wealth monthly lifestyle magazine for delicious monthly recipes and ideas of things to do for a richly lived life. The more you practice, the more fun and confidence you will have.

2. Develop Meaningful Relationships & Community

We’re social beings, and we are not meant to live in isolation. Community is critical for us to thrive. Community provides many elements that are critical to mental health such as; belonging, support, and purpose. As a result, be sure to schedule in time for community and friendship throughout the week. Schedule a hike with friends, a small dinner party, or a simple coffee date. Create time in your week for people that inspire you. As a result, you will feel lighter and more encouraged to create and achieve abundance in your life. The people around you will hold you accountable for your greatness.

3. Reconsider Spending Behaviors

Marie Kondo, also known as Konmari, is a Japanese organizing consultant, author, and TV presenter. Kondo has written four books on organizing, which have collectively sold millions of copies around the world. Kondo believes that simplifying and organizing are the key to a serene environment. She encourages individuals to tidy in categories—first clothes, then books, paperwork, miscellaneous items, and last, sentimental items. De-clutter your home and reconsider purchases because you respect your space. Allow the energy of abundance to flow into your life as you embrace the concept that less truly is more.

Amida Vibes Family Conversations

At your next family or friends gathering encourage the topic of healthy behaviors. What do your friends and family do to hold themselves accountable? Which healthy behaviors do they practice? Are there any unhealthy behaviors that are challenging for them?Embrace this topic to flow in all directions. Witness how community around you provide a safe space of expansion. Be mindful, and watch your wealth energy and desire for healthy behaviors to expand.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, health is one of Amida’s first pillars because it greatly impacts the mind, body and soul. When we live healthy lives, our perspectives are different, we feel different, we process different, we are willing to try things because we come from a perspective of abundance and gratitude. Set measurable goals and behaviors in your life to hold yourself accountable. As a result, embrace and expand your wealth energy.



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