Just Breathe

Just Breathe With Intention

Expand your energy this summer and just breathe. Use this as a tool to reconnect back to yourself. When you reconnect back to yourself, you sink into the present moment. In the present moment is where your vibrant and abundant life force energy lives. In this state you are connected to your soul and deeper knowing. At Amida vibes we are here to encourage your highest potential and remind you of your energetic and financial strengths. Learn to access your wealth energy with your breath.

Breathe & Mind

Research shows that paced breathing exercises can both focus attention and regulate the nervous system. Studies show that It may reduce fear and anxiety. Additionally, particular breathing strategies may be used as a tool to help people manage their thoughts, moods, and experiences. A deep connection to breath will help you escape the mind chatter, and manage those thoughts. We have a natural tendency to attach to thoughts that could lead to a more distracted and stressed state. When we stay with the breath, we observe these thoughts like a passerby. We don’t get trapped by them – we breathe beyond them.

Take A Class

A great way to discover breathing techniques is to go to a breath class in your neighborhood. You may meet new people and add to your circle. Additionally, you will learn different breathing techniques. Discover breath so you can learn to pause and re-evaluate at any point in your life. Be it health, money, and relationships. Learn to reconnect back to the present moment, and witness your abundance in this life. If you opt to practice breathwork at home, refer to different Youtube videos. Once you master different techniques, you can find your own space at home and practice whenever you feel necessary. Simply play some of your favorite music and reconnect back to your breath.

Amida Vibes Family Conversations

At a next family gathering encourage a discussion about the breath. Share your experiences with your friends and family. As a result, you will discover the present moment together. Be mindful how the present moment feels. What are the sensations? Dive deeper into this topic, and ask those around you how the present moment feels for them. What do they hear, smell, taste, and feel? Utilize the power of breathe to gain deeper awareness for your gratitude together.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, breath will always guide you back into the present moment. Encourage those around you to embrace Amida Vibes in-order to expand their energy of abundance. Breath is the one thing we absolutely can not live without. It is vital and it is life. Together, let us embrace our power and encourage those around us to shine.



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