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Be Present In Your Wealth Journey

Amida Vibes encourages you to be present in your wealth journey. Being present simply means you’re focused and engaged in the here and now, not distracted or mentally absent. When we look back or forward and live in that state, we forget to savor the now. We don’t get to truly experience the moment. Life is like a movie, it is a bunch of clips put together to tell a story. In other words, Wealth is the ability to fully experience life and embrace the journey.

3 Ways To Get Present Right Now & Embrace The Journey

Use your breathe to get present

Mindful breathing anchors you into the present moment. It reduces anxiety, helps with burnout, provides certain types of pain relief, and decreases negative thinking. Simply breathe in and out through the nose with a slow 5 second count. Do this on the inhale and the exhale. Use your breath as a tool to reconnect back to yourself when you find yourself lost. Remind yourself to breathe, and to feel your breath. As a result, you will become instantly brought back to your center.

Connect to your gratitude

Use gratitude to sink into the here and now. Gratitude, thankfulness or gratefulness, comes from the Latin word gratus. Gratus means “pleasing” or “thankful”. It is regarded as a feeling of appreciation. Think about everything that you are grateful for. Embrace the current state of abundance in your life. Be grateful for the space around you, fresh air, healthy lungs, and technology at your fingertips. We are lucky for this life. As a result, you remind yourself of the beauty of this life. We create our reality. As a result, you must hold presence for abundant energy in your life.

Incorporate Movement

Use movement to get present. Get out of your head and into the body. Go outside and take a walk when you notice you are out of balance. During and after your walk, you will immediately feel a sense of release. As a result, you will have more clarity. Movement releases stuck energy in the body, so that you are able to have presence and gratitude throughout your wealth journey. In other words, use movement as a tool to step back into your body in the here and now.

Amida Vibes Family Conversations

At your next family or friend gathering encourage the conversation topic of presence. What do your family and friends do in-order to get present? Do they have an evening routine to settle into their body? What does being present mean for them? Encourage this conversation topic to go deeper. What does it feel like for them to get present? Be mindful that for some people, to be present, may feel very uncomfortable. As a result, sink deeper into your own truth and discover ways that you take yourself out of the present moment.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the more presence we have, the greater ability we have to manifest wealth into our lives. Life is like a movie. It is a bunch of clips put together to tell a story. It is important that we are present for the beauty that unfolds in our lives. Be present in your wealth journey and make conscious decisions. As a result, you will fully experience the energy of abundance and wealth throughout your life. Our fivefold elements of wealth are: health, career, finances, relationships, and personal growth. Amida Wealth is with you on your journey. Think of us as a compass as you take the helm. Amida Wealth gives you position and direction, steering you safely to your destination.



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