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Love Freely In Your Wealth Journey

We love sharing our Amida Vibes this summer. Love freely with no expectations. The expectations we set-forth for others, we in return get placed onto ourselves. In this life of energy, we must recognize the energetic stagnation that occurs when expectations are created in family dynamics, relationships, business relationships and more. As a result, it is important to practice the act of loving freely.

Release Your Expectations & Love Freely

Love freely so that you can release expectations, and therefore save your energy and move it towards abundance. Expectations create limits and these limits do not allow us to fully experience life. Limiting perspectives restrict the full spectrum of life to come through. Instead, use your energy to feel into all of the abundance in your journey because you are always shifting. When we care about someone or something, we don’t attach expectations. As a result, we love and we send it out there for them to simply feel it. 

Let’s Look At What Expectations Look Like

Let’s look at what expectations look like in the categories of health, career finance, and relationships. We may create expectations without even realizing it. Some examples of this include;


We begin a new way of eating, and we expect we are going to lose weight in a certain amount of days. At the beginning we do because we are losing water weight. However, when we slow down, we say this is not working anymore. We don’t give it a proper chance to fully allow our bodies to transform. So we give up and jump on to the next thing. Or we begin a new workout routine and start the same cycle over again. Our expectations get in the way of our success. Perhaps 3 more weeks of commitment would have led to incredible results.


A promotion opportunity comes our way, and we naturally expect we will get it. When we don’t get the promotion, our whole being changes and the way we may see our superiors, or the company shifts. When perhaps that promotion was not ours because there is something better. In another example, a business owner issues a proposal and expects a yes. When it does not happen, they get upset about all the work put in. Only to later have a better opportunity come. We let some expectations limit our ability to continue to grow.


We invest and expect certain results. When we experience the ups we are happy. When we experience the downs, we are not so happy. Little to know that when we look at things over a period of time we actually did pretty good. In another example, we begin a new spending routine to only fall off a few times along the way. When we fall off we get discouraged and stop making positive movements.


We could expect a certain treatment on our birthday from our partners or family. For example, we could assume that someone is going to get us a beautiful piece of jewelry or throw a surprise party for us. As a result, we become incredibly disappointed when this does not occur all because of of our expectations. When in fact, these people love of us dearly and thought their expression of love would mean a lot to us. The story we created in our heads of what our birthday should be like results in a disconnection in our relationships all because of expectations.

Through expectations we stop our growth, and our ability to fully experience what is there for us. Love with no expectations because you never know what someone is going through. To love freely is to become expansive.

5 ways you can show love with no expectations: 

1.  Make someone a delicious meal

2.  Write someone a heartfelt letter about everything you are grateful for about them

3. Help a co-worker with a project

4. Surprise a friend with a coffee 

5. Take a friend to a yoga class 

Incorporate these 5 ways to love without expectations into your life and witness the heart opening that comes from those on the receiving end.

Amida Vibes Family Conversations

At your next family dinner encourage a conversation about expectations and love. How do you love freely in your family? Where are there expectations? Where did these dynamics originate from? As a result, you will bring unspoken expectations to the table. Through these deep conversations you will release stagnant energy that no longer serves your family dynamic. Wealth is not one thing, wealth is everything. Allow the energy of abundance and love to flow through you. Release energetic tension and allow your wealth journey to grow in abundance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to love freely in your journey allows for abundance to manifest. Through expectations we stop our growth, and our ability to fully experience what is there for us. Show your true heart with no expectations. Be kind, and share your love. As a result, the energy of wealth will unfold in beautiful ways in your life.



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