The Art Behind Legacy Planning

Why do we do what we do? What is our motivation driving career, health, and life decisions? What will be our legacy? 

Much gets lost in the chaos of life. But your actions and efforts are likely done for your loved ones, at the core. To protect them, set them up well for life, and create a better world for them moving forward. We have discussed how to make wealth work for you, and now we will dive into how your wealth can work for others

Wealth as Legacy 

Wealth cannot be restricted to your paycheck or your asset count. It is a much deeper force, requiring a base of knowledge about your individual life and how money as an element comes into play. Money’s presence as a fueling energy can grow itself down the line, if cared for properly. The security, prosperity, and opportunity money affords as an energetic presence can help ensure your loved ones are cared for in the years to come. 

From a base understanding of legacy, financial and generational wealth are insurmountable in value. It is an opportunity for your children and loved ones to incorporate your energy, your life balance, into their own journeys. Imagine, for example, your legacy carrying forward to support the life of a grandchild, or opens the door for a loved one to attend college. Financially speaking, you are lifting pressure from their shoulders with your spirited presence.  

Legacy planning is working to understand how your wealth can transfer to future generations. It is crucial to seriously consider what you intend on leaving and who will be receiving it. The formation of a will outlines how specific assets will be divided up. 

Art of Legacy 

Now, financial legacy planning may seem very numerical and quantitative. However, there’s an artistic component within this discussion that should not be understated. Your value system speaks to your legacy through and through. What remains of you upon departure could never be reduced to cash, and the proper financial planner recognizes this. The lessons you’ve learned along the way, your memory and love, continue forward. Combine knowing your life core values with curating a financial legacy plan to push these energy forces forward.  

Knowledge is power, as wisdom is freedom. The know-how of managing your wealth and the prowess to engage strategically with opportunity is intimidating but within your reach. Wealth advisors are there to provide you these insights and work with you to establish a thriving wealthful lifestyle tailored to your needs. Connect with a guide today to establish your current wealth standing and understand how to elevate yourself to harmonious, peaceful heights. 

Imagine your wealth accumulation as an ocean. It is full of energy, vast and wide, able to support a paper canoe or steam boat. The power within the waves, the movement of money from place to place, can propel your loved ones forward on their paths. With your legacy, they could cover their expenses, debts, savings, and have the ability to travel, gain education, and more. 

Final Thoughts 

Legacy planning, for its wonderous power, should not be taken lightly. Work with an advisor who knows you and an estate planner who is willing to listen and work side-by-side with your perspective put forefront. Take the proper care and time to contemplate how you envision your legacy influencing your loved ones’ journeys and paths forward.  

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