Sensual Wealth

What is sensual wealth? It is inviting connectiveness and intimacy into your relationship with money. It is broadening your perspective on your senses to incorporate dreams and desire.  

Money has a sensual component lending itself to a form of energy. This allows us to create a space to acknowledge this force and work it into our journey. The energizing flow prompts a connection to our true selves as money becomes a part of our Zen. Money can bring peace, akin to meditation. The words we use specifically at Amida – flow, energy, wealth – are a reminder of consistent access and revitalization. Money is a beautiful sense of energy, feminine in bringing life, intimacy, and connection.  

Sensual Living 

Sensual living is centered around the connection between mind, body, and senses. There is an inherent intimacy to this mode of living as you must know yourself well to enact it properly. Before we dive into discussing how money can be incorporated into sensuality, it is critical to understand yourself. This journey is about you. Your senses are unique, empowered, and valuable. Appreciation and love surround you; it is in your power to embrace it.  

How would we feel if we connected all of our senses to being alive and individual desire? So much of life is fast-paced. Phones have granted connection regardless of distance but notifications and updates crowd our minds. Technology opens up doors to friendships, opportunities, and wider capabilities, but also asks something of us. This could be time, information, or money. Set an intention to acknowledge these aspects but separate your own senses. Your call to inspire, innovate, and empower is entirely your own. 

As people, we naturally have feelings, both positive and negative, regarding life and engaging with the elements. To properly tap into this stream of emotion would be to harness a deeper understanding of yourself, and access a greater sense of peace. That is the end goal of all this: peace. Blissful sensual living leaves you refreshed, inspired, and driven to accomplish more.   

Bringing Money and Sensuality Together 

When we discuss wealth, there is a tendency to disconnect from our sense of being. Money feels separate, a force upon ourselves that we cannot fully grasp or relate to. However, this is a limiting perspective that disrupts your flow. Money is an energy fueling many aspects of your life; not connecting this to your senses is an obstacle on your path to intentional peace.  

Now, it may be helpful to consider the question, “What is wealth?” Wealth is often associated with excessive surplus of money. This can be true for some, but doesn’t explain how money connects to us as divine beings.  

Wealth is living in a state of prosperity and mindfulness. This involves components of money’s energy but also a balanced comprehension of your senses. These are exemplified by Amida’s 5 Pillars of Wealth: Career, Personal Growth, Relationships, Finance, and Health. Sensuality is a level of your awareness to yourself and these senses, with wealth becoming more accessible as a result. 

Final Thoughts 

Therefore, in an effort to begin building this bridge, consider what brings you pleasure. Take a moment to review these questions – try journaling your answers for reflection in the future: 

  • When do you feel most alive in your body? Who are you in these moments?  
  • What daily habits connect you to your body? What daily habits cause disconnection? 
  • How do you want sensuality to feel? How do you visualize sensuality in your life? 
  • What is pleasurable about your life? Utilize the 5 Pillars to assess a range of areas. 

For actionable suggestions, try performing a Daily Check-In at the start of your morning. Take slow, deep breaths and intentionally feel your limbs, your breath, your mental energy at that moment. We are often unaware of what energies we bring into our spaces. These can be energies passed on from other people, carried on our backs unknowingly. Mindfully checking in will lessen this burden as you must choose: carry with, or leave behind. 

Note what activities connect you with your body and senses. Ensure you do one or more of these daily. This can be tough, especially if you are not used to turning the attention and energy unto yourself. Remember a habit is best formed after a month of work, and two months to become automatic. Have patience with yourself in this process and remember why you strive for sensuality.  

Sensuality is often associated with femininity, a nurturing energy of divine source. It is a flow, a mentality, and a deliberate choice to engage with what lights you up as a person. Please reach out and connect with us for guidance and support. 



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