The Art of Wealthful Living

Wealth is more than just money and investments. 

At Amida, we take true joy when our clients transform their definition of wealth as more than just money and investments. Sometimes, I myself am guilty of the repetition of saying the same things but as I welcome new team members and we discuss the philosophy of Amida’s Way, I am reminded of the basics. So, I wanted to share them with you: 

If you’ve ever played Monopoly, where you ‘pass’ go and collect $200, finance is a bit different. It is not a gateway one must ‘pass’ to reach wealth. At Amida, we take a step back and encourage you to regard what wealth feels like as a more harmonious fusion than numbers on a spreadsheet or luxury items in a closet. 

Living a non-wealthful life feels rushed. You know the feeling: anxiety and fear direct your movements. Days hold challenges, not opportunities, – a panic to reallocate resources, to have things be ‘perfect’, to address all your concerns immediately but not managing to build an actionable plan beyond a week (or a day, sometimes). It is not that this version of you does not desire wealth, but likely believes wealth is financial perfection. This manifests a cycle of comparison, insecurity, and anxiety. This is surviving, not thriving. 

Wealth, as we believe and transfer onto others, is living in a state of prosperity and appreciating moments as they come, within every spectrum of experience, regardless of the outcome. It is a realistic embrace of life with a toolkit to assist in accessing, maintaining, and radiating this peace. It is energy, viewing previous containers of fear such as money as just that: energy. And energy can be cleansed, transformed, and allocated. 

Take a moment here to think about the following question:  

What are you, day-to-day, serving in your head and heart? 

It is difficult to unpack, and Fight Club put it bluntly: “The things you own end up owning you.” But wealth is a concept greater than the money in your bank account. It is such a great concept of overlaying components, influencing one another and morphing over time, so let’s break it down into 5 main Pillars to focus on, assess, and transform: 

  1. Health 
    Movement. It’s deceivingly simple and seems to pop up topically everywhere. At its core, health is centered around the breath – the rise and fall of the chest. Do what feels right for your body, whether it be weight-lifting, yoga, or walking outside. Health is a highly personalized journey where the key is to create a flow specific to your needs. Connect your body and mind together – quiet the noise and tune into your flow, for this is your journey and no one else’s. 
  1. Career 
    Our careers occupy a large percentage of our week, so take advantage of this opportunity to conquer and grow. Your career, such as life, will change over time with ebbs and flows. A dream job in longevity will have obstacles just as much as everything else; pivot your perspective to hold up one good thing from each day. Think, visualize, and write out what you want a day in your life to be like in 5 years, in 10 years. What projects are you itching to conquer, what does your ideal work-life balance feel and look like? Ensure all movements push you closer towards your ultimate goal.  
  1.  Finance 
    Money is important, although it holds a negative connotation for many, whether we are aware of it or not. This is a result from past experiences and teachings from those around us. Your value system is rooted from the foundation of your family and friends’ history with money and consequent stressors. However, your own relationship with your finances is incredibly unique, personal, and specific to your goals and situation. You can rewrite your value system to have roots in strength, ambition, and knowledge. At Amida, our expertise ranges from basic to more complicated financial strategies, but we center our guidance completely around each client’s personal path with money.  
  1.  Relationships 
    You are never alone in this world. Every relationship you are connected with – family, friends, even acquaintances – carries lessons of love, light, and opportunity into your life. At times the lesson is how to let go and when this occurs, ensure you do so with love. Appreciate each relationship’s role in your life and maintain quality connections with those who you can be completely yourself with. Focusing on love, however it manifests, and nurturing your relationships is instrumental to your wellbeing and access into a greater purpose in life. 
  1. Personal Growth 
    The 212° Mindset, expounded upon in Sam Parker and Mac Anderson’s text “212°, the Extra Degree”, refers to the boiling point of water. In one state of being (211°), its form is hot but mostly stationary, on the brink. That one-degree difference introduces a mass of energy and a powerful evolution. Similarly, you may be on the cusp of potential and greatness but are in need of that extra push. Write a vision of where you want to be and underline your core values that support this goal. Finally, adopt the 212° Mindset by tackling 1% of growth each day in one of these 5 pillars listed. Imagine how transformative your life can become by narrowing your focus onto tapping into movement, appreciating growth, and recognizing opportunity. 

Final Thoughts 

Living a wealthful life is an intimately personal journey. Here we have outlined several crucial pillars through which you can take control and assess your current state. Hold true that there is a need to be kind to yourself in this moment. Wealthness is a constant evaluation, a thrumming desire to be better balanced by a quiet appreciation of the present. There is a flow present in the universe moving your life; wealth is the wisdom to connect to this flow and the knowledge of maintaining the connection. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey, and we encourage you to engage more with what Amida offers. We value not simply relaying knowledge unto you, but guiding you to access it for yourself.  



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