Amida Lifestyle Magazine November 2021

And just like that, November is here. We oftentimes associate November with the start of the holidays, the hustle and bustle associated with buying gifts, preparing meals, and scheduling time with family. This month, in Amida style, we encourage you to take a breath, open your eyes and see the beauty of the month. We get to spend time, laughter and beautiful moments with family, friends, people we love and inspire us. Let us look at November through a different set of lens, with some home safety solutions, two tasty fall treat recipes, a list of must-have kitchen tools, and easy garage upgrades.

If there is any time of year to prioritize the safety of your home, it’s the holiday season. From securing electric outlets to weatherproofing windows to replacing batteries in your smoke detectors, there’s a lot to remember, but the enclosed tips can help you manage it all.

When it comes to fall desserts, abundant spices and belly-warming baked goods are the name of the game. Two simple recipes from the Petite Patisserie cookbook, single-serve chocolate mug cakes and decadent spiced apples, make for the perfect autumn-themed treats.

Speaking of cooking, you can make your time in the kitchen so much easier by investing in the right tools. Check out the list of must-have products inside, including the best pots, pans, and time-saving gadgets, so you can perfect your favorite recipes.

If you have a garage, you know how easily this space can become a storage spot for loose odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else in your home. Learn ways to transform this valuable area into a place your family will actually enjoy using.

Be sure to make time for what matters most this month. As always, sharing our perspective on wealthy living and helping you Transform Your Vision of Wealth along the way. Happy Holidays!

Amida Lifestyle Magazine November 2021

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