Bring Joy To Your Wealth Journey

One of the times we may deprive ourselves of feeling happy is when the topic of money and wealth comes up. If this is a subject that makes you feel uncomfortable, then past associations with money and wealth may be to blame. Let’s look at how we can fix this.

Life is a journey and there will always be challenges we encounter along the way. We need to see each challenge in our path not as something to block our journey, but rather help us discover more about ourselves. The beautiful part of a challenge is they can put us into a sudden state of openness. A time when we confront our emotions, or as we call it, emotional nakedness. 

Happiness is a state of being. Our view and how we experience wealth is a state of being and not about money. Our own state of being is about the flow of energy inside us and all around us. When we let our mind and body flow naturally and unconsciously, our perspective can change dramatically. This can happen in our everyday life when we least expect it. For example, massage your head and your neck, then check your state of being. How do you feel? Think of the last time you visited your hairdresser and someone washed your hair. At the time did you take a moment to check how you feel? Did you allow yourself to enjoy this moment of pleasure? You were experiencing a simple moment of joy that in turn will lead to long term happiness.

So how do we bring these moments of joy into our own wealth journey? By creating a rhythm in our daily life. Let’s look at some examples:

1. Read something that inspires you

2. Take these five steps in five key areas:
Health – exercise in a way that makes you feel better.
Career – be grateful for the lessons you learn.
Finances – know your values and invest in your passions.
Relationships – discover something that surprises you.
Personal Growth – learn something new about yourself.

3. Roll up your sleeves and try to achieve one goal from the above each day.

4. Don’t forget to breathe. Listen to music. See a smile on every person’s face. Savor the simple pleasures. Walk barefoot whenever you can. Help someone in need. Accept people for who they are and not for what you want them to be. Remember that each person you meet is also on their own personal journey. 

5. At the end of each day, look back at what you accomplished. Be thankful for your day and thankful to yourself.

Joy is a flow of energy with the force to heal, no matter what you encounter. If tears come, allow them to flow. If a smile comes, allow it to shine. Your wealth journey is not just about the money but about the energy inside you and all around you. It is there for you to tap into to help you reach your goals.



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