Amida Lifestyle Magazine March 2021

If you could use any words to describe spring, what would they be? Does “fresh start” come to mind? This month we want to pay homage to the month of March by showing you the opportunities this season brings. Let’s start with the best online resources for giving your home decor a new look, tips for freshening up forgotten spaces, a spring-cleaning for your finances, and better-for-you snack ideas.

The retail world of online home decor is vast, so it can be challenging to navigate and find pieces that fit your style without breaking the bank. Our guide in this month’s magazine simplifies these resources for you, highlighting some of the best so you know exactly where to turn for standout wall art or that new end table you’ve been looking for.

Freshening up your decor isn’t the only improvement you should consider this season. March is a great month to give your home a good deep clean—including the areas that are most often forgotten about. Read through a breakdown of these areas (with tips for how to get them truly sparkling) for extra peace of mind when surprise guests drop by.

You might not think of your finances when you think of cleaning, but you should. With tax season around the corner, our tax tips can help you get your ducks in a row—or your bills and savings, that is.

Lastly, if you’re feeling ready to say goodbye to the hearty comfort foods of winter (but you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to that midday snack) the three healthy alternatives in this issue are here to give you a taste of something new and delicious.

There are plenty of ways to freshen up your life this month—it’s up to you what you choose, and while making the first change can be hard, the rest will come very easy. Just take one step at a time. Welcome to one of the most beautiful months of the year as we watch how the world and our souls transform around it.

Amida Lifestyle Magazine: March 2021

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